A thinner solar thermal collector for building integration with PV

Aesthetic integration of solar energy products in the roofs of dwellings is important to achieve a good social acceptance and a high market potential. Several solutions for building integrated PV (BIPV) are available on the market, however, a very limited number of solutions for integration of covered solar thermal collectors are available. Currently, covered solar thermal collectors are much thicker and often much larger than PV modules, which complicates aesthetic integration of both PV and solar thermal collectors in the same roof.

Within the project Building STeP the company HRsolar developed a solar thermal collector with the same dimensions and thickness as a framed PV module. A multifunctional demonstrator roof with this technology has now been built on the SEAC research facility SolarBEAT. Here PV modules and a roof window are integrated in the same multifunctional roof concept by the company SCX Solar. SEAC and the TU/e are performing the analysis of the thermal and electrical performance for typical Dutch roofs, that may also include shading effects by e.g. dormers.

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