Artikelen door Chris Tzikas

Ever wondered about the cost of cleaning a solar PV system?

Soiling can be a substantial loss factor for PV installations. Cleaning the solar system is the most common solution to mitigate soiling losses, but it comes with a cost… Marco Cappa, a graduate student at SEAC from the TU/e, studied the cost of cleaning PV systems. This study was performed in the framework of the […]

SEAC presents a new market survey of PVT products

The market for Photovoltaic-Thermal (PVT) systems is growing. And so is the number of PVT module suppliers. In a recent market survey SEAC found 54 different PVT module types that are currently being sold. 11 of these originate from the Netherlands. Uncovered flat plate PVT collectors make up roughly 75% of the product portfolio. SEAC […]

New combination of solar park with district battery in Weert

A solar park of 1.2 MWp in combination with battery energy storage is going to be realized in 2018 in Weert. The project is the first in the Netherlands to combine a cooperative district battery with large-scale local generation of renewable energy. The battery is used for self-consumption, energy trading and grid balancing in order […]

This video will make you discover Solar Energy innovations at SolarBEAT!

You can watch the video of SolarBEAT by clicking here. Solar Building Elements Application Test site (SolarBEAT), is the name of SEAC’s outdoor research facility in the field of BIPV(T) where independent measurements and innovative research studies in the field of solar PV and solar thermal energy are conducted. It is a collaboration between SEAC […]

SEAC’s field testing facility SolarBEAT is fully booked!

Dutch companies are rapidly bringing new building integrated solar systems to the market. This explains the increasing need for high quality performance research on such systems. SEAC works in the outdoor test facility SolarBEAT fully based on IEC-61724 norms. To support these field testing needs, SEAC developed a brand new pyranometer calibration setup. It comprises […]

ZigZagSolar façade installed in Sittard

This month the installation of a creative ZigZagSolar façade was completed on an apartment building in Sittard. The concept enables in an original way to harvest solar energy and at the same time have full aesthetic freedom. The ZigZagSolar concept is developed by WallVision with the support of SEAC. It went through extensive field testing […]

Invisible solar collectors can even be red or white

The first demonstration of the novel façade solar thermal collectors of the FITS4E project has been installed at the outdoor testing location SolarBEAT. The project aims to demonstrate façade panels with an invisible thermal solar collector for increased energy harvesting. ‘FITS4E’ focusses at application development, system design, performance testing, demonstration and dissemination. The performance of the […]