Conclusions on Solar Noise Barriers (SONOB Project)

In the SONOB  project we studied various designs for a fully integrated solar noise barrier. Two routes were explored: semi-transparent crystalline silicon-based solar noise barriers  and semi-transparent colored plates using luminescent solar concentrator technology.

Prototypes of both concepts were designed, built and tested for a full year. The silicon-based solar noise barriers showed excellent results. On the other hand, we conclude that the LSC-concept requires further research and development before roll-out in the market.

For the silicon-based concept, both regular and bifacial modules were tested. Bifacial cells are able to capture light from both sides and are therefore less sensitive to the orientation of the noise barrier. The bifacial modules open up the application along North South roads, with integrated panels facing East and West.

The project was executed in a consortium consisting of Heijmans, Van Campen industries, Airbus Defence and Space, ECN, TU Eindhoven and SEAC, comprising the entire value chain.

More information about the project including project reports, can be found here.