E-bike sharing at SEAC Solar Mobility Hub

E-bikes are rapidly getting more popular, also for commuting to work. A nice way to avoid congestion, pollution and parking problems in urban areas. The Solar Mobility Hub aims to investigate the potential of using an off-grid PV-storage system to power e-bikes.

SEAC investigates the correlation between e-bike usage and weather. Our expectations sound quite logical: people cycle more in good weather with high solar irradiance. A natural match of demand and supply of electricity from solar panels. Although the correlation has been reported both at the daily as well as seasonal scale, good quantitative data and knowledge is lacking so far.

Eight participants began charging their e-bikes at the Solar Mobility Hub in March 2017. They all commute to the Eindhoven University by e-bike on a daily basis. We measure their charging patterns and energy demands for comparison with available solar energy. If the expected correlation between cycling and solar irradiance proofs to be substantial, we expect a cost reduction for the battery system needed for an autonomous operation of the solar charging station. The main goal is to achieve a very high reliability of the station to supply power to the e-bikes any time of the day and any day of the year.

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