SEAC is a research centre focused on solar energy systems and applications.

ECN and TNO join forces in the Solar Energy Application Centre (SEAC). We are looking for companies and government parties willing to invest in innovation!

Together we work on innovative solar energy products and services. From development to market introduction. We build consortia, organize inspiring meetings, perform research and monitoring and deliver benchmark studies. We write reports, develop roadmaps and facilitate subsidy applications. In this way we ensure that investments are profitable, for all parties involved.

This is how we make solar energy

more effective, more profitable and more powerful.

“Solar energy plays a key role in our imperative global transition to sustainable energy. The acceleration towards a fully sustainable energy supply has already started. In addition, the upcoming zero energy building industry will be booming in the years to come. These developments provide great opportunities for the European knowledge economy. Innovation is essential! “

Wiep Folkerts – SEAC Director

“SEAC carries out practical scientific research, which really benefits Heijmans!”

Gerard de LeedeCTO Heijmans NV

“SEAC gave insight into the key issues, and on the basis of expert knowledge also provided the solutions”

Gijs van der MeerWaternet Amsterdam

“SEAC really knows how to connect different worlds”

Rudi JonkmanHeliox

“SEAC is very result-oriented. We like that.”

Hans KolijnVan Gansewinkel

SEAC is dedicated to applied research. We develop innovative solar products from concept to market.

Concept development

Together we work on innovative concepts, such as building-integrated solar energy (BIPV). Or concepts for integration into noise barriers, tents, guard rails, roads and landfills.

We are also working on innovative solar thermal concepts, such as PVT (combined solar power and solar heat) and (CPV systems based on optical concentration of sunlight).

In this phase, we offer our technical and commercial expertise.

Typically we work in a consortium with various parties from the supply chain. We help in bringing together an effective consortium, and when appropriate we initiate a subsidy application.

Often, a proper benchmark study is a good start: What has been tried already, what is available worldwide and what are the lessons learned? Furthermore, a critical analysis of the value proposition and the key performance parameters is essential. After we achieved a proof-of-concept and validation in a laboratory environment, we can move on to the next stage.

Outdoor research

The research facility SolarBEAT is available for you to test innovative products in a real life environment. Examples include new BIPV products, PVT PV products and electronics products, such as micro-inverters and power optimizers.

SolarBEAT is equipped with a secondary standard weather station and a dense network of sensors for irradiation, temperature and energy yield.

Solar Beat also has a full installation of solar thermal research, buffer tanks, flow meters and flow controllers.

The outdoor research usually serves several purposes: (1) from hands-on practical experience and application we find new opportunities for improvements of the new product, (2) We determine the performance model – essential for market introduction (3) Together we showcase the product to potential customers.

In this we way we work together towards a successful market introduction.

For more details, click on SolarBEAT on the Projects page.


SEAC offers the following consultancy services:

Innovation Strategy: For you as a company it is important to innovate. For example, in construction and infrastructure. We help you to find the right direction of innovation and to make decisions that fit your business and your strategy.

Techno Financial analysis: SEAC has its own techno-financial model, focusing on analysis of financial aspects of innovative solar energy solutions. Return-on-investment (ROI), Levelized cost of electricity (LCOE) and payback time (PBT) in relation to regulations and revenue forecasts.

Procurement: In a procurement process – especially when it comes to technology innovation – it is essential to understand the risks. From understanding the risks, better specifications and evaluation criteria can be established for the tender. We can support you in this process.

Commissioning and monitoring: Are you commisioning an (innovative) solar system or solar park (as a client)? We support your systematic critical acceptance procedure. We also support the interpretation of monitoring results.


We use our own extranet to communicate internally and with project participants and customers. In this way, everyone involved has access to the most up-to-date contact details and project documents.

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