Discover the booming Dutch solar energy sector by watching this inspiring video!

In 2017, the Netherlands achieved a new milestone reaching an installed PV capacity of 2.5 GWp. To discover the exponentially growing Dutch solar energy sector, watch the inspiring video by clicking here. For further acceleration of the growth towards 40 to 50 GWp in 2030, innovation in PV systems and applications remains crucial.

We at SEAC are highly motivated to expand our contribution, working together with companies and universities in innovation projects for the solar energy system of tomorrow. We believe that innovation is crucial on all SEAC’s platforms of research and consultancy: (1) solar energy in buildings (BIPV, solar thermal and PVT), (2) PV integration in the infrastructure, (3) floating PV plants and (4) PV in the energy system. This is how we make solar energy more profitable, more effective and more powerful.

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