Invisible solar collectors can even be red or white

The first demonstration of the novel façade solar thermal collectors of the FITS4E project has been installed at the outdoor testing location SolarBEAT. The project aims to demonstrate façade panels with an invisible thermal solar collector for increased energy harvesting. ‘FITS4E’ focusses at application development, system design, performance testing, demonstration and dissemination. The performance of the panel will be tested for a full year at the outdoor testing facility of SEAC. TNO is the project leader, Emergo is responsible for developing the collector and façade element and AkzoNobel for the smart coating.

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BIPV products on Bouwbeurs

From 6-10 February 2017 the bi-annual construction trade show ‘Bouwbeurs’ was held in the Jaarbeurs trade hall of Utrecht. A positive trend was the increasing visibility of solar products in the construction sector. Multiple companies presented their solar roof and solar façade concepts.

Our personal highlight of the trade show were two products developed in close collaboration with SEAC: The “LOCI” BIPV roof product of ReBor (previously Zonnepanelen Parkstad) and the “EMERGO 2.0” BIPV roof product of EMERGO. Both products are based on frameless solar panels applied on prefab roofs but deviate in their choice and design of mounting materials. Note that our recently published BIPV price survey confirmed that prefab BIPV is a strongly emerging concept with a large cost saving potential. How many of these products will we see on the next Bouwbeurs, held in 2019?