Ever wondered about the cost of cleaning a solar PV system?

Soiling can be a substantial loss factor for PV installations. Cleaning the solar system is the most common solution to mitigate soiling losses, but it comes with a cost…

Marco Cappa, a graduate student at SEAC from the TU/e, studied the cost of cleaning PV systems. This study was performed in the framework of the project “Anti-Soiling and PV”. The graph presented above shows the dependence between the cleaning cost and PV system size. The curve has been derived from data provided by more than 20 stakeholders among which: solar cleaning services, solar developers, monitoring companies and PV system operators. The cleaning cost per kWp decreases sharply with the size of the plant, due to economies of scale.

This study is an important input for the business case analysis for anti-soiling coatings for PV modules.   The study will be presented in the upcoming EU PVSEC conference taking place in September 2018 in Brussels. For more information about the “Anti-Soiling and PV” project click here and for more solar news follow us on LinkedIn by clicking here.