New project ASM-2 develops scenario’s for the electricity infrastructure

The project ASM-2 (Advanced Scenario Management) kicked-off early 2017 with the ambitious goal to develop a tool for designing our future electricity infrastructure. The basic idea is to use a big data approach in a GIS model (geographical information system). Future scenario’s depend largely on the further growth of sustainable electricity, local and centralized. In parallel the penetration of storage (central and local) plays a crucial role.

The growth rate of both storage and supply capacity depend largely on price roadmaps, tariff systems and regulations. This set of complex interdependencies is precisely suitable for a big data approach. “Accurate bottom-up calculations on a GIS basis can provide valuable insight for policy implementations” says Bhavya Kausika, researcher at Utrecht University.

The ASM-2 project builds on the results of earlier projects like ASM-1, PICO and CERISE-SG.

Our project team consists of Utrecht University, Geodan, I-REAL, ECN and SEAC.

More about the project can be found here.