New project ASM-2 develops scenario’s for the electricity infrastructure

The project ASM-2 (Advanced Scenario Management) kicked-off early 2017 with the ambitious goal to develop a tool for designing our future electricity infrastructure. The basic idea is to use a big data approach in a GIS model (geographical information system). Future scenario’s depend largely on the further growth of sustainable electricity, local and centralized. In […]

E-bike sharing at SEAC Solar Mobility Hub

E-bikes are rapidly getting more popular, also for commuting to work. A nice way to avoid congestion, pollution and parking problems in urban areas. The Solar Mobility Hub aims to investigate the potential of using an off-grid PV-storage system to power e-bikes. SEAC investigates the correlation between e-bike usage and weather. Our expectations sound quite […]

WenSDak project presents the state-of-art in Dutch PVT solutions

In the recently finalized WenSDak project five distinct solutions for producing solar electricity and heat on one roof were developed. These solutions are: a ventilated PV system for drying manure, a side-by-side solar thermal and BIPV roof and three different options for roofs with uncovered PVT collectors. We built demonstration pilots for all five solutions. The […]

Anti-Soiling PV coatings (ASAP) project kicked off

The overall objective of this project is to establish a suitable coating with combined anti-soiling (AS) and anti-reflective (AR) functionality for PV panels, which allows for a long-term preservation of power output by soiling mitigation, and reducing the costs per kWh for solar electricity generated in dust rich environments. Within the goals of the ASAP […]

SEAC at Solar Solutions Int. exhibition

SEAC was present at the Solar Solutions Int. 2017 exhibition where Menno van den Donker presented the latest trends and developments in the BIPV sector in Europe and the Netherlands. His speech covered among others the topics of BIPV pricing, custom sized and coloured PV, PV façades, prefab PV elements and solar glazing solutions. With […]

Conclusions on Solar Noise Barriers (SONOB Project)

In the SONOB  project we studied various designs for a fully integrated solar noise barrier. Two routes were explored: semi-transparent crystalline silicon-based solar noise barriers  and semi-transparent colored plates using luminescent solar concentrator technology. Prototypes of both concepts were designed, built and tested for a full year. The silicon-based solar noise barriers showed excellent results. […]