Rijkswaterstaat and SEAC launch the National Consortium “PV in the Infrastructure”

The spatial infrastructure in the Netherlands (roads, dikes, roadsides, noise barriers, landfill sites, railway area, etc.) offers a large potential area for the roll-out of solar energy. The “Roadmap PV Systems and Applications for the Netherlands” predicts that we will combine 10% of this with solar panels in the next 30 years. This represents about […]

Aesthetic styling of colored thin film PV façades

From the first of January 2020 onwards, all new buildings in the Netherlands need to meet the so called  “Near Zero Energy Buildings” regulation. Buildings need to produce a large fraction of their consumed energy. Installation of a PV system is an obvious choice. However, this can be challenging for multiple-floor buildings, as the available […]

Prefab PVT roof elements operational at SolarBEAT

Within the innovation project “PVT inSHaPe”, the company Solartech installed two prefab PVT elements on the SEAC  research facility SolarBEAT. These PVT elements generate both solar heat and solar electricity from the same roof area. In the PVT inSHaPe project, we investigate the use of these elements in combination with a heat pump for space […]

Smart semi-transparent energy generating PV windows

A demonstration façade, composed of transparent PV windows produced by Sunpartner Technologies, has recently been created in the framework of the Interreg project “PV OpMaat”. In this project, a consortium of companies among which, NBArchitecten, TGM, Insulation Solutions and Isover work together with SEAC and Solliance on innovative PV solutions for the building industry. […]

Solar façade makes this social housing project energy neutral !

The solar façade for a social housing apartment building in Best (Noord Brabant) has been finalized. The so called “de Willem en de Zwijger” are among the first zero-energy apartment complexes in The Netherlands. The five floors high, 48 apartment twin buildings comprise an innovative, energy efficient, affordable and aesthetically pleasing alternative to conventional social […]

Voorbereidingen Solar Highways in volle gang

Deze zomer wordt bij Uden langs de A50 een innovatief bifaciaal zonne-energie opwekkend geluidsscherm gebouwd. Voor de realisatie van dit project, Solar Highways, zijn Rijkswaterstaat en opdrachtnemer Heijmans volop bezig met het afronden van onderzoeken, het aanvragen van de omgevingsvergunning en het bouwrijp maken van de locatie. Na oplevering wordt gedurende 18 maanden de energieopbrengst […]