BIPV Inspiration Wall inspires market and research

What can be done with thin film based BIPV today? And what are the challenges to be solved for a breakthrough in the near future? A new “BIPV Inspiration Wall” has been created by SEAC in close collaboration with the Technical University of Eindhoven and Solliance. The wall is located in the central hall of […]

Nationaal Consortium Zon op Water: eerste symposium

Donderdag 8 juni organiseerde SEAC het eerste symposium voor leden van het Nationaal Consortium Zon op Water. Vijftig deelnemers kwamen bij elkaar om te luisteren naar de presentaties en te praten over de uitdagingen van drijvende zonne-energie systemen. Gastheer Eneco stelde voor deze bijeenkomst het fraaie auditorium in het Eneco World kantoor ter beschikking. Leveranciers […]

Combining PVT with heat pumps: PVT inSHaPe project kicked off!

For realizing (near) zero energy buildings, combining PV thermal systems with a heat pump is an interesting option. An integral system concept that includes an optimization between the dimensioning and control for different components and their interactions is necessary. The goal of the project is the design, realization and validation of several PVT-heat pump systems. […]

Dutch “tiny house” concepts with integrated solar roofs

Nowadays the so called tiny house concepts are gaining increased attention. Firstly because they bring an attractive solution for temporary movable housing, and secondly because they offer an example of simple and affordable living in energy efficient prefab small homes. Two Dutch companies, Millhome and Heijmans, are offering interesting tiny house products: the “Tiny House” […]

Selective deployment of power optimizers (Opti-Shade) project kicked-off

The purpose of the 3 year long project is the development of a (BIPV) power optimizer/inverter system which is shadow insensitive at low investment cost. These systems have low electricity production cost (€/kWh) at high specific yield (kWh/m²) and are based on selective deployment system architectures. The expected lifetime is longer since “hotspots” in the […]

New project ASM-2 develops scenario’s for the electricity infrastructure

The project ASM-2 (Advanced Scenario Management) kicked-off early 2017 with the ambitious goal to develop a tool for designing our future electricity infrastructure. The basic idea is to use a big data approach in a GIS model (geographical information system). Future scenario’s depend largely on the further growth of sustainable electricity, local and centralized. In […]