SEAC presents a new market survey of PVT products

The market for Photovoltaic-Thermal (PVT) systems is growing. And so is the number of PVT module suppliers. In a recent market survey SEAC found 54 different PVT module types that are currently being sold. 11 of these originate from the Netherlands. Uncovered flat plate PVT collectors make up roughly 75% of the product portfolio. SEAC […]

Nationaal Consortium Zon op Water – Nieuwsbrief Q1 2018

Hier klikken om het Nationaal Consortium Zon op Water Nieuwsbrief Q1-2018 te ontvangen

Discover the booming Dutch solar energy sector by watching this inspiring video!

In 2017, the Netherlands achieved a new milestone reaching an installed PV capacity of 2.5 GWp. To discover the exponentially growing Dutch solar energy sector, watch the inspiring video by clicking here. For further acceleration of the growth towards 40 to 50 GWp in 2030, innovation in PV systems and applications remains crucial. We at […]

New combination of solar park with district battery in Weert

A solar park of 1.2 MWp in combination with battery energy storage is going to be realized in 2018 in Weert. The project is the first in the Netherlands to combine a cooperative district battery with large-scale local generation of renewable energy. The battery is used for self-consumption, energy trading and grid balancing in order […]

Watch this video to discover the effect of shading on solar roofs and what can you do about it!

Watch the informative video by clicking here. Shading is a major loss factor for PV systems on roofs. Shadow can result from trees, poles, dormers, chimneys or nearby high-rise buildings. In this video these effects on the I-V and P-V curves of the PV modules are presented in a straightforward way. The video is a […]

This video will make you discover Solar Energy innovations at SolarBEAT!

You can watch the video of SolarBEAT by clicking here. Solar Building Elements Application Test site (SolarBEAT), is the name of SEAC’s outdoor research facility in the field of BIPV(T) where independent measurements and innovative research studies in the field of solar PV and solar thermal energy are conducted. It is a collaboration between SEAC […]