SEAC’s field testing facility SolarBEAT is fully booked!

Dutch companies are rapidly bringing new building integrated solar systems to the market. This explains the increasing need for high quality performance research on such systems. SEAC works in the outdoor test facility SolarBEAT fully based on IEC-61724 norms.

To support these field testing needs, SEAC developed a brand new pyranometer calibration setup. It comprises of an adjustable rack fitted with 7 pyranometer holders facing due south. The calibration is achieved with the help of a secondary standard robust pyranometer placed in the middle position, which is sent for calibration every year, according to the world standard. Currently there are 9 active test fields ran by SEAC, for which 19 pyranometers are used in total. These pyranometers are calibrated annually.

Solar Building Elements Application Test site, in short SolarBEAT, is the name of SEAC’s outdoor research facility in the field of BIPV(T) where independent measurements and innovative research studies in the field of solar PV and solar thermal energy are conducted. It is a collaboration between SEAC and the TU/e and is situated on the Vertigo building of TU/e.

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