Rijkswaterstaat and SEAC launch the National Consortium “PV in the Infrastructure”

The spatial infrastructure in the Netherlands (roads, dikes, roadsides, noise barriers, landfill sites, railway area, etc.) offers a large potential area for the roll-out of solar energy.

The “Roadmap PV Systems and Applications for the Netherlands” predicts that we will combine 10% of this with solar panels in the next 30 years. This represents about 33 GWp of installed power. There are opportunities to achieve cost-effective solutions through innovative double use of the surface. That is why SEAC and Rijkswaterstaat jointly took the initiative to set up the National Consortium PV in the Infrastructure. The consortium aims to tackle all challenges and barriers towards the large-scale roll-out of solar energy in the infrastructure.

More information about the PV in the Infrastructure national consortium can be found in our press release.