WenSDak project presents the state-of-art in Dutch PVT solutions

In the recently finalized WenSDak project five distinct solutions for producing solar electricity and heat on one roof were developed. These solutions are: a ventilated PV system for drying manure, a side-by-side solar thermal and BIPV roof and three different options for roofs with uncovered PVT collectors.

We built demonstration pilots for all five solutions. The electrical and thermal performance were measured in an outdoor field test as well as by means of an indoor simulator. The electrical performance of all PVT collectors was very good, while on the thermal performance several interesting correlations between design and performance were mapped out. Some uncovered PVT collectors also act as a heat exchanger. We conclude that a PVT collector has to be assessed in the framework of the total heating system for the application. The annual performance depends largely on the precise system design and the application. The WenSDak project delivered new products for the market of energy efficient buildings, while at the same time the knowledge level and operational experience for PVT solutions was brought to a higher level.

The project was executed in a consortium consisting of SCX Solar, Hotraco, SolarTech, Dimark Solar, de Mâr 2D, GEO Holland, AERspire. Suntrap, TU Eindhoven, ECN and SEAC.

More information about the project including project reports, can be found here.