ZigZagSolar façade installed in Sittard

This month the installation of a creative ZigZagSolar façade was completed on an apartment building in Sittard. The concept enables in an original way to harvest solar energy and at the same time have full aesthetic freedom. The ZigZagSolar concept is developed by WallVision with the support of SEAC. It went through extensive field testing at SolarBEAT for more than two years. ZigZagSolar is an architectural façade concept which uses a combination of a PV system tilted towards the sun and decorative panels facing the observer. The PV panels remain hidden while the decorative panels can be designed according to the architectural requirements.

The ZigZagSolar installation in Sittard covers 400m2 of the façade, is oriented South and will deliver 30,000 kWh/year in total. Partial shading effects have been tackled by a smart electrical design. As a follow-up Wallvision and SEAC are working on solutions which can further improve the yield of the ZigZagSolar façade application.

More details regarding the ZigZagSolar demo tested at SolarBEAT can be found here. For more solar news follow us on LinkedIn by clicking here.